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I am a media professional who for more than two decades has specialized in making the industry slang "convergence" a reality. As you browse through my site you will see that I have supervised the production and presentation of world-class visual content for Feature Films, Animated Features for Computer Games, Software Development, Music Videos, Television, Corporate Videos, Film Festivals, Database design and more.

The types of Producer titles and roles may vary:

  • Project Manager
  • Database Developer
  • Director of Photography
  • But the pursuit of the highest standards of Collaboration, Design, and Visual Communication have been consistent throughout my career. My unique blend of passion, skills, and experience make me a powerful resource for your next project.

    My LinkedIn.com profile has the best overview of my professional experience. And you can always email me to get my complete CV or with any questions you may have. Whatever the cause for your visit, thanks for "dropping by!"

    Take care,

    PS - I have doppelgangers! You wouldn't believe how many other AJ's are out there. As of early 2014 a search on LinkedIn returned 3,632 results!

    Unfortunately for them I was a tech-geek, early-adopter and snagged my domains (both .com & .net) before any of the others! But here are some of the more prominent "twins" websites:
    AJ the Musician www.adamjosephmusic.com
    AJ the Weatherman on Facebook
    AJ the Hollywood Soundman on IMDb
    Maybe I'll build a more inclusive list someday. But until then, I intend my other 3,629 brethren no disrespect!!

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